Manually set up VPN on Windows XP

  1. Click on Start button and choose Control Panel. System Control Panel will open and select Network and Internet Connections category and then Create a connection to the network at your workplace.
  2. New Connection Wizzard appear (see Figure 1). Select Virtual Private Network connection and contiune with Next button. 

Figure 1 - New Connection Wizzard

  1.  On the next screen fill connection name (see Figure 2). We suggest you to fill name Fresh [country] (e.g.  Fresh US for United States VPN). Then continue with Next button and you will be asked to fill address of VPN server (see Figure 3). You can see full list of addresses and their connection names in member area. When you finish click on Next button and Completing the New Connection Wizzard will show up (see Figure 4). If you want, you can tick Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop. For better access to VPN settings.

Figure 2 - Connection name


Figure 3 - Server address


Figure 4 - Completing the New Connection Wizzard


  1. Now you can successfully connect to VPN. Double-click to Fresh US (if you used this name) on your desktop or access to this connection via Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections -> Network Connections. Connection dialog will be open, and asking to add Username and Password for this connection (see Figure 5). These credentials you can find bellow in green box, If you don't see these credentials you have to sign in. After you fill these credentials, click on Connect button. 
    • WARNING: Username and Password are not your email and password. They are generated for each user. Only you can see credentials bellow, so keep them safe.

Your VPN credentials

User name:  

Figure 5 - Connection dialog