Manually set up VPN on Windows 10

  1. Press Windows key and type  Network and Sharing Center (see Figure 1) and press Enter. Network and Sharing Center should start soon.

Figure 1 - Search for Network nad Sharing Center


  1. In Network and Sharing Center (see Figure 2), choose Set up a new connection or network to create new VPN connection. New connection wizard will show up (see Figure 3). Choose Connect to a workplace option and you will be asked how do you want to be connected (see Figure 4) and select Use my Internet connection (VPN).


Figure 2 - Network and Sharing Center


Figure 3 - Set Up a Connection or Network dialog


Figure 4 - Connect to a Workplace dialog

  1. After you choose Use my Internet connection (VPN), you will be asked to fill Internet address and Destination name (see Figure 5). Internet address determines which country you will be connected to.  After you are done, click on Create button. 

Figure 5 - Internet address and Destination name

  1. Now you have created connection to VPN server. Last thing what you have to do is press Windows key and type VPN (see Figure 6) and press Enter. Select your created connection (Destination name in step 3.) and click to Connect button (see Figure 7). You will be asked to fill credentials to successfully connect to VPN (see Figure 8). These credential you can see in green box bellow. If you not see these credentials, you have to sign in. After you fill credentials click on OK button. You will be successfully connected to VPN.
    • WARNING: Username and Password are not your email and password. They are generated for each user. Only you can see credentials bellow, so keep them safe.

Your VPN credentials

User name:  

Figure 6 - Search for VPN


Figure 7 - List of connections


Figure 8 - Connection credentials