Fresh VPN for iPhone / iPad

  1. Download Fresh VPN from App Store.
  2. Open Fresh VPN from your iPhone / iPad dashboard.
  3. When you first time open Fresh VPN app, login screen (see Figure 1) will be shown. You can sign In with Facebook or you can sign in with your Email account.

Figure 1 - Login screen


  1. After successfull login, your home screen will be shown (see Figure 2). Tap to CONFIGURE VPN to download mobilconfig profile for your iOS device. Tapping on CONFIGURE VPN button will open website where tap to INSTALL VPN. Mobilconfig will be downloaded and Install dialog will appear (see Figure 3).

Figure 2 - User home screen



Figure 3 - VPN configuration


  1. After you successfully install VPN configuration, you can start VPN under iOS Settings->VPN. Select any configuration starting with Fresh name (e.g. Fresh US) and toggle switch to connect.