Fresh VPN for OSX

  1. Download Fresh VPN App
    • from Mac App Store (need Apple ID, In-app purchases)
    • from external source (Paypal payments).
      • Open dmg file and drag Fresh VPN icon to Application folder.

  1. Open Spotlight ⌘ + Space and type Fresh VPN. After Spotlight find Fresh VPN app press Enter.
  2. Fresh VPN app will open and login screen will be shown. Here you can log in to your existing account or you can create new accout. (See Figure 1)
    • If you don't have your account yet, you can create it in Fresh VPN app or create on website

Figure 1 - Login Window

  1. After successfull sign in, window for logged user will be shown (see Figure 2). At the top of this window you can see your account details and status of your VPN service. Bellow you can track your current location based on your IP address (how other websites see your location).

Figure 2 - Logged User


  1. On the left side of the window for logged user (see Figure 2) you can access to VPN server locations. Choose desired VPN location and toggle switch to connect. VPN should start shortly and your IP address will change to desired location. In additional connection detail will appear at left bottom part of this window. 
    • Your Mac have to contain VPN configuration in your System Preferences->Network. If configuration is missing, you will be asked to install them.