Configure VPN on Linux

  1. Open System settings. You can do this by clicking on gear icon placed in left tray (Figure 1) or by click gear icon on top right.

System settings icon
Figure 1 - System settings icon

  1. Find Network settings icon (marked orange on Figure 2 below) and click. 

Open network settings
Figure 2 - Network settings

  1. Click on + button, which opens new dialog shown on Figure 3. Choose that you want to create VPN interface and click on button Create...

VPN interface
Figure 3


  1. Choose Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and hit Create button

Figure 4

  1. Fill information according the Figure 5 below. Connection name is completely up to you, it only identificates interface in you system - we recommend to name it FreshVPN. Gateway is address of VPN server you are connecting to.
  2. Next fill your VPN credentials (below) but don't click on Save yet.
    • WARNING: User name and Password are not your email and password. They are generated for each user. Only you can see your credentials bellow, so keep them safe.

Your VPN credentials

User name:  

VPN Settings
Figure 5 - VPN settings

  1. Click on Advanced... that opens new dialog - Figure 6. Check and uncheck everyting to make it same as on Figure 6. Than click on OK and Save.
VPN Advanced settings
Figure 6 - Advanced VPN settings

  1. Now select created VPN interface (with name from step 5) and toggle On/Off switch on right side. You're connected now.

Connect to VPN
Figure 7 - Connect to VPN