Manually set up VPN on Android

  1. Open Settings by tapping on Settings icon, as shown in Figure 1.

Tap on Settings
Figure 1

  1. Navigate to Wireless & networks and there tap on More (shown in Figure 2)

Tap on More
Figure 2

  1. Find row that says VPN and tap it (shown in Figure 3).

Tap on VPN
Figure 3

  1. Now tap on add button (+) and fill dialog as shown in Figure 4. Name of VPN profile can be anything - FreshVPN US is just a recommendation. Server address determines which country you are connecting to. Leave PPTP as VPN Type and tap on Save.

VPN profile
Figure 4

  1. Tap on created profile to initiate connection to VPN server. You'll be asked to fill your credentials as shown in Figure 5​. After you fill your VPN credentials, tap on Connect.
    • WARNING: Username and Password are not your email and password. They are generated for each user. Only you can see your credentials bellow, so keep them safe.

Your VPN credentials

User name:  


Fill your VPN credentials

  1. Now you are connected to one of Fresh VPN servers. If you have any problems with connecting to VPN server, feel free to contact us.