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You have probably activated trial VPN service. Trial VPN service is limited to 3 minutes of connection time, because it is only for testing purposes. After these 3 minutes you're automatically disconnected. If you like our VPN service, upgrade to Premium VPN service for unlimited connection time.

When your device is connected to FreshVPN it's NOT giving its real IP address. So when you click on website link, data from website is delivered to our address and we securely and instantly deliver it to you - no one can spy your Internet activity.
We are using strong 128 / 256-bit encryption to protect your data and communication.
We don't limit the bandwidth, but we have to avoid of heavy users which harms the server resources. We have to keep the service quality for all users. So as you can see in terms of service we have right to slowdown the speed to user, who has daily average total traffic higher than 4GB. This is applied only in case that user have several days in row daily traffic average higher than 4GB. In other words you can transfer at least 120GB per month without any slowdown.
Visit password recovery page and enter your email that you used during registration. Then check your email, there should be email with further instructions.


Contact us and tell us wanted operating system or device. We will make guide for you or help you with settings.

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